Can A Hobby Make You Money?…

From Having A Vision On How To Make Money As A Kid, A Young Man Rides Bicycles For Success

As we grow up from the small stages of childhood and beyond, we can develop different hobbies that we love and enjoy or things that we have a passion for. These hobbies can be from collecting cards, playing music, or even cooking, just to name a few. In addition, these can be hobbies that make money.
I remember reading a story in the Richmond Times Dispatch, which is the newspaper for Richmond, the capital of the state of Virginia. This story was very interesting to me. The story talked about something that a young man had a vision for from when he was a kid. This vision was a hobby that he used as a motivation to make money for later on in his life. This story is about Frank Bucalo, who enjoyed riding bicycles since he was a little kid. Mr. Bucalo moved to Richmond, Virginia from New York in late 2009, and decided when he moved to Richmond, that he did not want to do a desk job to use his degree in computer science. Instead, he wanted to use his biking hobby as a creative way to make money.

bicycle grunge
To know more about Mr. Bucalo’s endeavor, go to, go to about, on the top right side, then click on Richmond Times Dispatch, and that will take you to the article.
For me, if you have a vision for yourself, from taking a hobby that you love, and you can turn it into something that you can make money from, you should go for it. I say this because there is no limit on where you want to go. When starting out, massive success does not happen overnight, but staying with it, and promoting your name will create success for you.

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Can A Hobby Make You Money?…

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