Customer Tells Cashier To Disobey The Rules, To Help Her Save Money

A Customer Wants A Cashier To Forget The Rules To Help Her Save Some Money

People who work in the retail industry know that working with the public can be very challenging. Everyone is in a hurry, and wants things done in a rushing manner.

But, for those who work in a retail setting understand that stores have rules and regulations that have to be followed for company policy. It is our responsibility to let customers know the rules when things change over time, especially when it comes to helping the customer save money.

I can recall an event that took place at work, November 2015, when one of the cashiers had to tell a customer that policies had changed as far as using coupons to save money.

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I was done checking out customers in my line, and soon after, one of my coworkers told me that one of the customers tried to use her to save more money, since she already had merchandise that was on sale.┬áHere’s what happened. My coworker, who was also a cashier, came over to me, and said to me (in an angry tone), “That customer tried to use me!” I said, “How?” The cashier told me, “She wanted to use a coupon from her phone, plus five extra coupons, since we have double coupons for spending $25.00 or more to get more savings, but I told her that the policy has changed now, which means that she can only save with using the five coupons, or using the coupon from her phone, she can not use both.” Moreover, the cashier told me, “So the customer got mad because I told her that, and she just told me to go ahead, and do it anyway, so she could get her savings. I tried explaining to her that the policy has changed, and we can no longer do it that way.” In addition, the other cashier told me that the customer was very upset because the policies have changed, and they did not like it, but she paid for her merchandise, and left the store. Afterward, my coworker told me this in disgust: “If I would have lost my job because of her, she will be paying my expenses!” Lastly, I said, “You’re right, people don’t care about what happens to you, to get what they want.”

Furthermore, I thought that my coworker did the right thing to watch herself, because I would have done the same thing to watch myself as well.

To conclude, we all know that people want to know how to save money, and they will try to do so, any way that they can.

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Customer Tells Cashier To Disobey The Rules, To Help Her Save Money

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