Does The Thought Of Early Retirement Cross Your Mind?

Is There Any Way For Us To Retire Early If We Were Able To?

For some of us, how do we define the word of retirement? Retirement can be defined as:

  • the time in our life when we stop working
  • slow down and do nothing
  • be involved in more activity
  • more travel time

As we continue to work and grow older, we can ask ourselves a simple question:

“I have been doing this job for a long time, I like what I am doing, but sometimes, I get tired of doing it. Is there a way that I can retire early?” In some cases, the answer can be yes, but if you want to pursue this goal, you will have to have plenty of resources and savings to allow this to be a reality. For more information, go to

Over the years, I have always heard the news, whether it was on television, radio, or even newspaper that asks certain people this question: “What age can you retire?” At first, I thought that the retirement age was 65, but now that has gone up to about age 70, and it is a scary thought, because you do not know how your health is going to be, or even if you get killed in an accident or anything of that nature. These are serious things to keep in mind.

The risk to take retirement

We all know of something that can help us toward early retirement, and I have heard it over and over again, and I am sure that you have also, and that is “Hitting The Lottery.” We all know that this may or may not be possible, and we would have no choice but to keep working.

I can remember one day at work when a customer, who had retired, she told me this: “I am happy to be retired, but I am so bored, and I don’t know what to do. I am going to go crazy soon if I don’t do something with myself!” After I was told this, it get me to thinking that if I am fortunate to retire, I have to know what to do with myself.

Whatever your plan is whenever you decide to stop working, you do what is best for you to keep yourself active, and good luck to you!

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Does The Thought Of Early Retirement Cross Your Mind?

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