Has Anyone Heard Of A Televangelist?

Those Who May Have Heard About Televangelists May Think Of Them As People Who Want To Help, But Is This True Or False?

Televangelists are preachers that go on television to provide ministry teachings to all different types of people. These are people who are suppose to help people who are in difficult financial situations or need to be healed from sickness. People who are in need of help can include the following:

  • the poor
  • the middle class
  • the desperate

So, as people are led to believe that these tv preachers are here to help them, they do not know that they may be stealing from them.  These types of ministry teachings were set up to follow gospel wealth in god’s favor, in belief and praying for money, and to donate money to different Christian ministries is what will help you get there. Read the article here http://gawker.com/making-money-off-miracles-the-gospel-of-televangelists-1725330875

From this study, it is said that some preachers believe in helping people in the right way, and others build massive wealth, empires and large fan bases as they receive money from them.

Unfortunately, some people have fallen victims of these televangelist scandals. These people, who believe very deeply and hard on what they were told by these televangelists, think that they have their lottery saver from these beliefs. They were told that having positive faith is the way to go, and that not being rich or well off is not a stroke of “bad luck.”

Televangelists run these scandals most of the time. It is another way of high thinking from wealth principles with the name of “God” being attached.

I believe that people believe what they believe. You have to be very careful out there in the world in what you do, because once you put money out there, 9 times out of 10, you won’t get it back, and your money only goes towards someone else’s dream lifestyle.

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Has Anyone Heard Of A Televangelist?

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