Is It True That Some Of Us Have A Money Problem?

We Know That We Can Enjoy Certain Things, But Does It Come To A Point That We Don’t Know How To Overcome Financial Problems?

In society, we all work for a living, and very hard at that. Most of us have the necessities. These necessities include:

  • a car to get us where we have to go (from point A to point B)
  • a place to live (a roof over our head)
  • a job (making a living to keep the two things listed above)

From the necessities listed above, we all follow a certain budget, in order for us to keep what we have. From being on a budget, we know that we can avoid a future money problem that can occur. But, as time goes by, things can change. Changes that can occur while living our day to day lifestyle can be:

  • getting a big promotion at work
  • finding a new business opportunity
  • hitting the lottery (a rare opportunity)

For any of us, these changes can happen for us, and if they do, we should be very grateful for them, because we don’t know if we will ever get any opportunities like this. But, as some of us know, higher earnings can lead to mo money mo problems.

Sports athletes, actors and other entertainers may have it all, but we don’t know how their lives really are. People in these fast money professions, in their younger years could have spent the money as soon as they got it, instead of putting it away just in case things come up. Then, from years of excessive spending, debt could have occurred from credit cards, marriages or even taxes that were unpaid.

Furthermore, as far as normal people, we get excited to have more money, and why shouldn’t we? But, as soon as some of us get that extra money, we can do things that we could not do before we had extra money. These things include:

  • move into another house
  • buy another car
  • go to a casino

To proceed, it is nice to be able to do these things, but if you already had financial problems before you got the extra money, why would you want to make more debt than what you already have if you have some? Read the article here

If we were blessed to receive more money in our lifetime, we should take serious advantage of it, and figure out how to solve money problems. We should see what debts that we have, so we can figure out what we can pay first, and take it from there.

Lastly, we understand that our chances to get rid of our money problems do not come often, so we have to clean up what we have out there, and say to ourselves that we will not ever go through this again, and say that to ourselves everyday.

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Is It True That Some Of Us Have A Money Problem?

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