Is It True That We Need Our Websites To Become Mobile Friendly?

A Recent Study Shows That Website Owners May Need To Switch Over To The World Of Mobile

Most businesses, in their own right, are used to having their website online praying to get visitors from target customers. Businesses do not have to spend alot of money to have their space online. From this fact, most businesses are used to having customers find them online by way of desktop traffic, and do not have any idea about having a mobile website. In this day in age, most people have mobile phones because they are very convenient, and everyone is in a hurry. Most businesses do not go this route because they are afraid that it would cost too much, so they continue to keep their regular set up, and keep the costs where they are.

But, these businesses do not understand that their websites could have poor performance because of the way that they were designed, which hurts the potential of having a good bottom line. Once these businesses develop a mobile friendly website, their traffic can be much greater. Read more here

From the last few months, experiences from visitors¬†can affect your site’s performance in a few ways:

  • the way that the website looks online (they decide if they want to join or not)
  • customers go to the site first before they decide to make a call or put in their email address
  • making sure that the website has a mobile site


For business owners, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • list on your website what your main objective is, goals, core audience, traffic sources
  • give good quality content, make potential visitors become customers long-term, keep a high-trusted brand, improve awareness

Lastly, it is very important that business owners be prepared when change occurs, especially with the mobile web, because it does affect your business’s growth. Once you adapt to change, you will be in it for the long hall.

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Is It True That We Need Our Websites To Become Mobile Friendly?

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