Kids Can Make Decisions About Money Too…

A Mom Allows Her Daughter To Spend Money On An Item That Was Her Choice

When we were kids going up into the world, we saw our parents work very hard from day to day, and giving us an allowance, when we did good things. In today’s society, it is no different, because all parents still have to teach kids about money.

We all know that little kids, when they see things that they want, they would like to get them, if possible. From this thought, all parents start the process of teaching money to their kids.

From my experience, I remembered when I received an allowance, it was because I did a good deed, not because it was just handed to me. Two things that I remembered that I got an allowance for was this:

  • doing a good job with chores around the house
  • getting good grades

For me, this was a good teaching tool for me to learn how to get something that I had to earn, not just handed to me, when I did not do anything.

Girl showing bank notes

Furthermore, I can recall an event that happened at work earlier in 2015.  I had another busy day as a cashier, constantly doing transactions. Then, one little girl had a book, and I rung it up, and it was $18.00. After I rung the book, the mom said this to her daughter, “Are you sure that you want this book, it cost $18.00, and you will have no more money left after that?” The girl then said, “Yes, mommy, I want it.” The mom then said, “Okay, you can buy it, but remember, you won’t get anymore money for a while.” To myself, I said this, “Well done, a good lesson with money management. Teachings like this will go a long way.”

When it comes to having an allowance for kids, it is good to let your kids make a certain decision on if they want to buy something or not, because it would allow them to understand things about money early and often.

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Kids Can Make Decisions About Money Too…

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