Secrets On How To Make Money With Twitter

Twitter Is One Of The Top Social Media Networks Today, But Can You Use Twitter To Make Money?

Twitter is a social media network that was created in early 2006 that allowed people to send and post different messages. Twitter was created by four guys and is based in San Francisco with over 20 offices worldwide, and did not go public until the middle of 2007.

Here is a background of twitter:

  • gained popularity with millions of users (about 300 million or so)
  • involved in a brainstorming session of a podcasting company (called Odeo)
  • the creators used a SMS (Short Message Service) to communicate with a small group
  • Chirps from birds became the name for twitter, along with the “tweets”

But, now a question has to cross your mind – With all of the rage that goes on with twitter everyday, how can I make money on twitter? Well, in this sense, you will have to be creative, watch training videos, and think of ideas that can be of interest to the outsiders who read those tweets.

Let’s face it. People want to read about information that is enticing and engaging in order to keep their attention. But, if you want to come up with the idea to make money with twitter, you do not want to only post advertisements. If you post ads only, people know that you only care about making a quick buck, and it will be a huge mistake, and this will happen:

  • you will lose followers

In addition, you definitely will not make money, and it will be a frustrating thing for a marketer. So, don’t do this as if this is ABC (Always Be Closing), because it is not. Read the article here

Once you understand the do’s and don’t of learning how to make money with twitter, it will become easy to you, people will want to read your tweets and follow you because they know that you have valuable content, and they will stay!

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Secrets On How To Make Money With Twitter

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