Shoplifting Attempt Gone Wrong, Because Of No Extra Money…

In Desperation With No Extra Money, A Lady Tries To Steal Merchandise, Gets Caught And Begs Loss Prevention Manager Not To Send Her To Jail

For some people who go through tough times, whether it involves a relationship, family, and are in times of need, a major decision goes through your mind on how you can make an attempt at doing something that you normally would not do.

Think to yourself for a minute. What would you do if you were a single mom with an angry child at home that needs clothes and food, the dad is not around to help you support the child, your bank account is on fumes, you have no extra money lying around, and you are angry because of what is happening?

I remember an event that happened one day at my job a few years back…

The year was 2013, when it was another busy day on the job. Strangely enough, I was not on my cash register. I was told by my supervisor to get supplies for the cash registers. When I went into the backroom, I saw the loss prevention manager and a lady who attempted to be a shoplifter, sitting in the backroom. Apparently, the lady did not know how to get extra money, because friends and family did not have the money to give her. So, she decided to try her luck and steal merchandise. Before this incident, a few weeks earlier, the loss prevention manager told me on how she could catch anyone who tried to shoplift. This is what I was told by the loss prevention manager: “What I do is walk around the store, pretend that I am a customer by looking at merchandise, and then I check the cameras in my office.” She went on to tell me,”When I am on the floor, I follow people who look like shoplifters, and I follow them all the way to the exit doors.” I then said to her, “That is good way to prevent people who try to steal merchandise.”


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To continue with the story, when I was in the backroom, the lady, who had a little girl with her, was crying, and saying to the loss prevention manager, “Please, I don’t want to go to jail, I did not mean to do it, I’m sorry!, I did not mean to do it!, please don’t call the police, please don’t!” The loss prevention manager then said to the shoplifter, “Well, it’s too late now! You should have thought about this before you came in the store!” I don’t know what you were thinking! The lady still kept saying,”I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I did not mean it!” The loss prevention manager then said, “Sorry, but you should have thought about it first before you acted!” When the loss prevention manager said this to the lady, I am sure that the lady wished that she knew ways to earn extra money. Afterward, the police took her out of the store in handcuffs.

After that, I know that I wanted to keep things to myself, so I did, and went about my business. I felt very sorry for the little girl that had to experience this incident, first hand, because she was so young, and did not understand that you have to work to make money. In my mind, I thought, “If I know that I can’t pay for something, don’t get it, leave it for next time, because I know that I will pay the price for my actions.”

If the lady knew ways to make extra money, she would have been good to go, and not have this problem.

A shoplifter may not be a bad person, but you have to be careful of what you do. Learning how to earn extra money is the only way to be ahead of any problems that may hinder you!

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Shoplifting Attempt Gone Wrong, Because Of No Extra Money…

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