Surveys, Anyone?

Can You Profit From A Survey?

When we have to talk to an agent on the phone about any issue that we have, whether it is about making payments on bills, getting help with hosting a website, or even general customer service, an agent wants us to do this task:

  • Take a few minutes to fill out a survey on how you were helped (normally the rating is from 1-10. A 10 means that you received the highest customer service satisfaction)

If we decide to do this action, and we give that agent the highest rating, in most cases, this does nothing for us, as being the customer. The best thing to do is to be honest from the experience that you received when the agent helped you. This helps the agent in their profession.

Some people may don’t mind filling out questionnaires or surveys, but, seriously, doesn’t it frustrate you when you have to take a survey, and you do not get paid for it at all? For some people, it does.

Look at a survey site here

But, in most cases, different questionnaire sites do not just give money away for nothing. These sites will require people to become customers of theirs, so they can purchase products, and then these companies will then give customers a chance to earn extra cash by accumulating points each time that they shop on their site. If you are a frequent shopper, they will let you decide if you want extra rewards points, or receive a gift card. Here is one thing to consider: Depending on how often that you shop, you can look at your rewards balance and see if you want to add up your rewards points, or transfer your balance on a gift card. This is another way to earn cash online.

See the article here

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Surveys, Anyone?

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