The Social Security Administration Attempts To Make Customers Have A Cell Phone For Security, But Drops Their Plan To Do So

After Thinking It Over, Social Security Drops The Idea For Customers To Have Online Security With Cell Phones

For all seniors and retirees who worked hard all of their lives to receive their social security check, in the times when having a computer or cell phone was not a need or a demand, this was the type of setup that these people were use to, when things were not complicated for them. These were the times that seniors and retirees liked how the workforce was supposed to be. But, as time went by, in the world of hackers and people getting access to a person’s information in different ways without them knowing about the suspicious activity, there had to be a better way for the social security office to protect customer’s personal information. From this concern, social security came up with the idea for customers to have cell phones with internet security.

But, this idea, especially for older americans may not go over well. This is because they feel that this new idea will be too hard to handle, and that things should stay the same because that is the way that is has always been for them. Read the article here

Furthermore, when you think about it, customers will only need a username and a password for their account. Customers can also use the text option for their account too, if they choose. But, most customers (seniors and retirees), like I mentioned earlier, would complain that these steps would be too hard to do.

Customers should think about the advantage of having a “mySocialSecurity” account. Having this account would help in this way:

  • Creating an account for yourself can help stop someone from fraudulently creating one with information that could have been stolen

Lastly, keep in mind that for now, that social security is listening to what some of the older people want, but eventually, this will change, and later on, the only way that people will be able to get their social security benefits, is through cell phone online option. We don’t like change, but that is how it goes.

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The Social Security Administration Attempts To Make Customers Have A Cell Phone For Security, But Drops Their Plan To Do So

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