They Simply Did Not Have The Money…

Some People Thought That They Had The Money For Layaway, But, Realize That Was Not The Case

For most of us who constantly fight the everyday grind of slaving away for someone else, we know that we would like to treat ourselves to certain things every once in a while. Whether it is treating ourselves to getting new clothes, new furniture, decorations, and other things, we all slave away and deserve to have things for ourselves, and not just working to pay bills. We all work for a living, and should do something for ourselves some of the time.

I can recall an event that happened at work earlier this year, in 2015 when me and a coworker were talking about how busy that the layaway department was one day. The coworker first told me this: “Man, layaway was a mad house today. I hope that these people can afford to get their items out later on.” I then said: “You are right, I hope that these people can get their layaway out too, because it would definitely help store sales.”

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Then, a day later, the coworker had to work the layaway department, and was frustrated. On this day, he told me: “Alot of layaways got cancelled? Did these people not have the extra money? What is going on here?” I then said to him: “That’s the way it goes sometimes, things come up and people simply don’t have money lying around anywhere.”

In addition, on the same day, the coworker told me that a lady screamed at her kid because she could not afford to buy him clothes, as she went to cancel her layaway order. After my coworker heard this, he told me this: “Why did that lady do a layaway, and knew that she could not afford it?” I then said: “I guess she thought that she was going to be ok to do the layaway, but something came up, and she had to cancel.” Apparently, she did not know how to make more money.

To sum up, we have to make choices if we can do something or not, and try to make the best choice. We all are not perfect, and we know that. But, if there are ways that we can help ourselves, especially when it comes to making money, we should take advantage if we can.

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They Simply Did Not Have The Money…

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