When You Do Online Ads, You Must Know Something

A  Study Shows That You Need To Know Something Before You Post An Ad Online

In the world of selling online advertisements, many people believe that having an honest ad will help them get sales. But, in some cases, these people that respond to these online ads can be fake people who pretend that they want what you are selling.

When a seller wants to sell something on the internet, whether it is a gift card, a car, truck, electronics or anything, it is known that they may get a quick response because the internet is everything these days. From this thought, it gets very difficult to be careful of gimmicks from buyers.


Potential gimmicks can happen anywhere at anytime. If you want to take the plunge and be an online ad seller, it is always a good idea to take cautionary action when doing so. Some cautionary actions include:

  • Don’t have strangers come to your home – (They can scam you b/c you don’t know them)
  • Have other people with you – (So you feel more comfortable)
  • Ask for proper I.D. – (So you know who the buyer is)

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In addition, when it comes to selling ads, especially on a popular site such as craigslist, people will text you from different areas of the country. These people pretend to be buyers.

For example, a seller wants to sell a car or truck on craigslist. The car or truck is listed for $6000, and the buyer wrote a check to the seller for $8000. This has to trigger a red flag b/c the seller is getting $2000 more than what they asked for. The check could be bad, and the seller will have to owe the bank for the bad check.

The best ways to accept payment would be:

  • If the sale takes place in person (take cash only for counterfeit purposes)
  • If the sale is online (use paypal to resolve payment disputes between seller and buyer)

Lastly, when selling your products always take caution when doing so to prevent scams.

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When You Do Online Ads, You Must Know Something

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