Why Do We Still Need Public Assistance? Is It Because We Don’t Know How To Make More Money….

Why Does It Seem Like The Harder We Work To Earn Money, The More We Still Come Up Short?

From time to time, we still remember the phrase: “We must work hard to support the family, if we have one, pay the rent, mortgage, regular expenses, and everything will be fine.” Moreover, we have heard this phrase too: “I am glad to have a job, but it is not enough.” Yet, from all of the hard work, commitment, working overtime, and working on days off, we still come up short. From this thought, it seems like we only concentrate on working hard, and don’t think about any other opportunities. One of the opportunities that we forget about is learning how to make more money.

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We always read and see stories about people struggling to make ends meet. When this happens, people need assistance from the government in order to survive. But, as tight as the government is most of the time, the government can only give what they can to help people survive. From this statement, people are frustrated because they felt that they could have gotten more assistance. For me, I remember when I moved into my first apartment, how tough that it was for me to live on my income. I went to the employment office to see if I could get assistance, but I was turned down. After I was turned down, I was frustrated, but what else could I do? I had to live with the income that I had at that time because I did not know other ways to earn money. Read the article here

In addition, when an employer gives us a raise, we are happy to get it, but it is still like we did not receive any extra money at all because of the home expenses that we have to deal with everyday.

The best thing that we can do is keep doing our best to maintain ourselves, support our families, and wait until an opportunity comes our way.

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Why Do We Still Need Public Assistance? Is It Because We Don’t Know How To Make More Money….

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